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Plasma bevel unit added to gantry cutting system erlcut

ERL Automation GmbH has further developed its gantry cutting system erlcut. From now on, the cutting machines can also be equipped with a rotator unit for plasma chamfering. As a result, users benefit from short machining times for simple bevel geometries.

The new erlcut plasma bevel unit is designed for welding bevels on flat material. This allows simple components that have both chamfers and vertical cut edges to be cut out of the sheet metal in a single step. Depending on the power source used, the plasma rotator enables bevels of up to 40 mm in length with angles between 0° and +/- 50°.

The rotator unit with intelligent initial height finding is attached to a fully automatic z-axis on the gantry of the cutting system via a highly rigid construction and enables cutting of a diverse range of parts. With a lifting height of 350 mm, the standard version of the bevel unit can pass over sheets up to 200 mm thick. Optionally, the chamfering unit is also available with a max. lifting height of 500 mm, which means that even sheets up to 350 mm thick can be traversed. A magnetic collision protection is used to hold the torch holder, which prevents major damage in the event of a collision, as the torch automatically jumps back into the correct position within the holder. In addition, the bevel unit on erlcut gantry cutting systems can be easily combined with other processes, such as embossing, plasma signing or oxy-fuel cutting.

The new plasma bevel rotator enables users to cut out a wide range of components from sheet metal in a single step with simple bevels up to 40 mm long on erlcut gantry cutting systems. This means that cutting with an erlcut can now be done even more efficiently. For applications where the use of a bevelling unit reaches its limits, for example complex components with very flat bevels, tight radii, bevels on all component sides or where an exact bridge measurement is required, ERL Automation GmbH has the BIBER robot cutting system in its portfolio, which was specifically developed for bevelling.

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