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BIBER cutting table systems
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Cutting table systems

We offer different cutting table systems for our erlcut machines - from a standard table to a fully automatic shuttle table system.

Cutting table systems

The suction channels are designed in order to allow the largest possible volume of air to flow through at high speed without resistance. At the same time, the depressurization of the cutting table are reduced to a minimum by the tight closing of the flaps.

Due to the pneumatic control, the suction flaps open and close very quickly, as is necessary at high cutting speeds. The extraction flaps are opened and closed depending on the position of the cutting machine. This ensures that the pollutants are captured at their source, the cutting position.

We offer different cutting grates for different applications, each of which offers the widest possible range of applications. They consist of a support frame and an exchangeable cutting surface (e.g. straight, wavy, etc.).


  • Efficient pollutant collection through segment extraction
  • Flow-optimized extraction channels
  • Different cutting surfaces available depending on cutting task
  • Pneumatically controlled extraction flaps enable fast opening & closing at high cutting speeds

Practical examples


Shuttle table system

In the shuttle table system, two pallets with cutting grids lying on top of each other are alternately supplied to the cutting area. During the table exchange, hydraulic lifting stations raise and lower the pallets.

Switching process:

  1. Upper pallet loaded with sheet metal moves into the cutting area, the cutting programme starts
  2. Lower pallet is loaded with sheet metal
  3. At the end of the cutting programme, the upper pallet moves into the unloading area
  4. Lifting stations lift both pallets, the lower pallet moves into the cutting area and the programme starts
  5. The finished parts are removed from the upper pallet, and the pallet is loaded with new sheet metal
  6. At the end of the cutting programme, the lower pallet moves into the unloading area
  7. Lifting stations lower both pallets, the upper pallet moves into the cutting area and the programme is started
  8. The finished parts are removed from the lower pallet and the pallet gets reloaded
  • Efficient handling, including cutting systems that are enclosed because of noise protection
  • Loading/unloading is always performed at the same place
  • Loading/unloading can take place during the cutting process
  • Optimal utilization of the machine

Belt conveyor system

In the belt conveyor table system, there is a water tank under the cutting area through which a belt conveyor is routed. Cutting slag and small parts fall through the water onto the conveyor belt and are transported to one end of the table into containers. The containers are covered with a grating so that small parts and cutting slag are separated. The coarse-grained slag falls through the grate, small parts remain on the grate and can be taken down by the operator.

  • Time savings of up to 1 day / week by eliminating the need to empty the slag trays
  • Simple and ergonomic removal of small parts
  • Waterbed binds most of the dust, so that only low fan power is needed
  • Constantly good extraction performance, as there is hardly any slag build-up
  • Low maintenance compared to other conveyor systems
Belt conveyor system

The perfect addition: Transverse conveyor

Shuttle and belt conveyor table systems can be extended by a cross conveyor.

The material transported out of the table by the belt conveyor then falls onto the belt conveyor of the transverse conveyor and is transported into containers provided by the customer.

By covering the containers with a grid, slag and small parts can also be separated automatically here.


  • Easy disposal of slag
  • Simple and ergonomic removal of small parts
  • Enables optimum utilization of the space available
Transverse conveyor


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