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erlcut control e*volution
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Control e*volution

Ergonomic and intuitive operation

Control e*volution

The control e*volution is a network-compatible touchscreen control for all thermal cutting processes such as oxyfuel and plasma cutting, as well as marking devices and drilling systems.

It is installed on an industrial PC with Windows 10 and can be operated via a large color display. The 21-inch monitor of the control unit ensures low-fatigue working and guarantees good readability in different lighting conditions thanks to the anti-reflective glass surface. In addition, the height- and side-pivoting display always provides an ergonomic operating position.


  • Industrial PC with Windows 10
  • 21-inch monitor with anti-reflective glass surface
  • Combination of touchscreen und hard keys
  • Control panel available permanently mounted, mobile or in twin version

Intuitive operating concept

Control e*volution

The control is operated via a touch screen that also allows multi-touch gestures such as tapping, scrolling, zooming in and out, and has a virtual keyboard. The most frequently used functions are available as buttons on the housing.

In addition, two USB ports on the front enable an easy data transfer and, if required, the use of an external mouse and keyboard.

The user interface offers all functions to ensure an easy handling. These include the graphical display of contour and tool (with progress indicator), backwards movement on the contour, manual cutting and an integrated process database.


process database
Integrated process database

The integrated process database, which is based on ERL's many years of experience, ensures easy handling of ...

user interface
Customisable user interface

It is possible to create a personalised user interface in the configuration of the control system e*volution. The operating and ...

Intelligent management
of wearing parts
Intelligent management of wearing parts

If requested, a wearing parts ticker can be integrated into the user interface. Individual wearing parts sets can be configurated for ...


Whether on the right or left side of the portal bridge or in a semi-open, sound-insulated housing - the control units of erlcut cutting systems can be placed as required. In the mobile version, the e*volution is mounted on a panel that can be moved in the immediate vicinity, offering plenty of storage space for wearing parts and spare parts, tools or accompanying documents. The twin-panel version with two fully functional controls offers even more flexibility. Both can be permanently installed on the portal, or one of them can be mobile.

Mobile control unit
Mobile control unit

In the free-standing version, the control system is installed on a mobile control panel that can be moved in the immediate vicinity of the systems.

Twin-panel control
Twin-panel control

In the twin-panel version, both a permanently installed monitor on the portal and a mobile monitor are available as fully functional control units.

Soundproofed control
Soundproofed control

To protect operators from noise emissions, the control system can also be housed in a soundproofed cabin.


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