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erlcut equipment options
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Options erlcut

erlcut cutting systems can be equipped with additional functions or components depending on the customer's requirements.

Equipment options


The function erlcut-team ensures precisely coordinated teamwork of up to four gantry cutting systems on one runway. Cooperating erlcut systems  ...

300 mm oxyfuel cutting
300 mm oxyfuel cutting

erlcut cutting systems allow material thicknesses up to 200 mm. On request, the systems are also available in an extended version so that ...

Runway floor mounting
Raceway floor assembly

On request, erlcut systems can be mounted on the floor. In this case, there is no need for a substructure to support the runway - it is ...


This solution has two driven torch supports working on one component. This has the advantage that components that have a long, narrow area at any point, such as drawbars, can also be cut without distortion. The first flange is cut simultaneously with two torches. Then the narrow joint of any length is cut simultaneously, followed by the second flange again with both torches. The process is fully automatic. The torch distance is at least 80 mm.


 To process profiles and girders, the erlcut is available with a cantilever. On one hand, this simplifies loading, but also ...

Air filtering system
Air filtering system

Our fine dust filters with horizontally arranged cartridges are especially designed for thermally charged fine dusts. The models ...

Cutting table systems
Cutting table systems

erlcut cutting systems can be equipped with various table systems as required - from standard extraction tables to complex ...


The erlcut systems can be extended with the camera system erlcut-cam, which is installed in a safe housing directly next to the tool. The camera sends a live image to the control system. This allows operators to precisely set up distant tool stations - even when the cutting machine is working in a soundproof cabin (erlcut-silent) and is controlled from the outside. Users benefit not only from shorter production times, but also from the reduction of errors caused by parallax.

TCP measuring and checking unit for bevel tool
TCP measuring and checking unit for bevel aggregate

With the TCP measuring unit, the cutting torch TCP (Tool Center Point) and its orientation can be checked. For the test cycle ...

Pressure booster for plasma power source
Pressure booster for plasma power source

For punctual areas of application that require a higher pressure than is available in the ring main, we offer ...


About us

We are a manufacturer of gantry and robot cutting machines as well as special systems.

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