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erlcut processes
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erlcut processes

Whether cutting, marking or drilling - erlcut cutting systems can be equipped with different tools.

Processes for sheet metal cutting

erlcut cutting systems can be equipped with tools for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. Furthermore, the machines can be extended with marking systems and drilling systems. The number of possible tool stations depends on the track width and the type of the tool carriage (driven or dragged).


  • Plasma cutting up to 50 mm
  • Oxyfuel cutting up to 300 mm
  • Drilling, countersinking and threading
  • Embossing system for component markings

Vertical and bevel cutting

Oxy-fuel cutting

As required, the erlcut can be equipped with one or more oxy-fuel tool stations. In addition, depending on the requirements, up to four different cutting torches are available, which differ in terms of ignition and height control.

  • Automatic clamping (pneumatic) in multi-torch operation
  • Proportional valve per torch for constant flame pattern even in multi-torch operation
  • Max. cutting lenght standard: 200 mm
  • Max. cutting lenght on request: 300 mm
  Torch ECB-1
External ignition
External height control
Torch ECB-2
Internal ignition
External height control
Torch ECB-3
Internal ignition
Internal height control
Torch ECB-4
External ignition
Internal height control
few interfering contours    
easy to program    
Plasma cutting

erlcut cutting systems can be equipped with different power sources depending on the requirements. High-quality cuts are possible up to a cutting length of 50 mm. Depending on the model, the erlcut can be equipped with one or more plasma supports.

  • Max. cutting length: depending on power source
  • Power sources with an automatic gas console
  Power source
HiFocus 161i neo
Power source
HiFocus 280i neo
Power source
HiFocus 360i neo
Power source
HiFocus 440i neo
Cutting current at 100 % duty cycle
 10 - 160 A  280 A  360 A  440 A
Marking current
 5 - 25 A  5 - 50 A  5 - 50 A  5 - 50 A
Cutting range
 0.5 - 50 mm  0.5 - 70 mm  0.5 - 80 mm Mild steel: 0.5 - 120 mm
Stainless steel: 1.0 - 120 mm
Piercing  up to 30 mm  up to 40 mm   up to 50 mm   up to 50 mm
Plasma bevelling

The plasma bevelling unit with intelligent initial height detection is designed as an entry-level solution for bevelling. The rotator unit is attached to a fully automatic z-axis on the gantry of the cutting system via a highly stable construction. The plasma bevel unit can be combined with other processes on erlcut gantry cutting systems.

  • AC servo motors for high performance with low maintenance
  • Intelligent initial height detection via tooltip
  • Magnetic collision protection for the torch holder


Bevel angles

0 to +/- 50°
Lifting height 350 mm for t up to 200 mm (traversable)
Optional: 500 mm for t up to 350 mm (traversable)
Max. current 400 A
Max. material thickness 40 mm (piercing)
Max. bevel length 40 mm (cutting length)

Mechanical sheet metal processing

Drilling system erlcut-drill

erlcut gantry cutting systems can be extended by a drilling unit. The fully automatic erlcut-drill drilling system offers the possibility of drilling, threading and countersinking components before the actual cutting.

  • 4/8/12-fold magazine for fast and manless tool changes
  • Parking position for tool magazine protected from swarf and sparks
  • Pneumatic downholder prevents slipping of the metal sheets
  • Displacement measuring system for material thickness detection ensures high working speed and prevents errors
  • Minimum quantity lubrication with oil-air mixture in fine dosage prevents build-up of frictional heat


Plate thickness 0 - 200 mm (automatic without adapter)
Tool changing manual or pneumatic with tool magazine
Tool holder SK 40 with Weldon surface clamping chuck
Drilling / countersinking ∅ 5 - 24 mm
Threading M6 to M22 (internal thread)
erlcut drill
erlcut drill
erlcut drill


Embossing system erlcut-sign

The erlcut-sign needle matrix embossing system can be used to mark components with the erlcut gantry cutting system. It can be used to create clear texts, lines and data matrix codes on the surface of the sheet metal plate.

  • Thanks to its own x/y-axis, the embossing system works in a self-sufficient area without machine movement, which means that drives, pinions and racks are protected, and high working speeds are possible.
  • The digitally controlled Z-axis guarantees highest repeat accuracy in the automatic control of the embossing process. In addition, it provides the full lowering speed depending on the material thickness up to the plate surface.


Marking field max. 150 x 100 mm
Marking height 7 - 99 mm (depending on number of characters)
Materials Steel, non-ferrous materials, plastics
Marking depth up to 0.8 mm for mild steel
Air pressure 2 - 6 bar (determines penetration depth)


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