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Robot cutting systems
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Robot cutting systems

The BIBER cutting system makes chamfers possible that would not be achieved with conventional methods.

Robot cutting system BIBER

The cutting robot BIBER creates completely new perspectives for the preparation of welding bevels on complex components. While there are simple thermal or mechanical processes for producing weld seam preparations for straight edges or for pipes, this is still very time-consuming for more complex components with several curves and angles. CNC cutting machines could partly take over this task with additional chamfering units, but they tie up valuable capacities and usually work too imprecisely.

There is an excellent alternative to chamfering units, grinding and milling for the economical production of weld seam preparations on components that have already been cut out in large series, small series and individual pieces: By using the BIBER chamfer cutting system, chamfers that are expensive and complicated to produce can be achieved quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The robust design of the cutting system ensures maximum accuracy and dynamics. The BIBER cutting system is available with both oxyfuel and plasma tools. If required, both technologies can be combined on one system and quickly changed.


  • Exact chamfer angle
  • Exact bridge measurement
  • Short operating time
  • Simple offline programming
  • Economical starting from batch size 1
  • Laser scanner detects and corrects dimensional deviations
  • Automatic cutting parameter setting


With the BIBER, all types of chamfers can be attached to already shape-cut parts - in extreme cases up to four different chamfers on one edge. Single and double chamfers can be created as well as chamfers with or without a web. Also, individual straight cuts are possible.

By using a special bevel cutting table, metal plates can be processed on the top as well as on the bottom side.

Equipped with the self-developed BIBER software, the most accurate bevel cutting results are possible without large setup and positioning efforts.

By using a laser scanner, even dimensional deviations from pre-processes are detected and corrected. This makes the system a cost-effective and efficient alternative to all conventional methods of producing bevels.


Fields of application


Example structure



1. Processes

The BIBER cutting system can be equipped with oxyfuel and / or plasma tools.

2. Robot system

The robust design of the cutting system ensures maximum accuracy and dynamics.

3. Camera system intelliplace

With the intelliplace camera system attached to the robot, table occupancy can be detected quickly, easily and without errors.

4. Partition wall

A sliding partition wall allows the cutting table to be used entirely or to be divided into several working areas.

5. Operator control panel

BIBER systems can be equipped with a soundproofed, semi-open / closed control station.

6. Control

A 15-inch colour display enables a comfortable operation.

7. Air filtering system

Filter systems can be installed both in the production hall and outdoors.

8. Safety

The entire system is surrounded by a protective fence. If required, the cutting area can also be completely enclosed.

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