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Bevel aggregate vs. BIBER
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Bevel unit vs. BIBER

With the BIBER, chamfers can be realized efficiently and cost-effectively even on complex components.

Bevel unit vs. BIBER


  Gantry cutting systems with bevel unit
  Robot cutting system BIBER   
Bevel shapes V possible v V possible V
HY partly possible   HY possible hy
X partly possible   X possible x
K not possible   K possible k
Flat chamfers Not possible   On top up to 30°
At bottom up to 20°
4-fould chamfers Not possible   Possible vierfach
Processing time for simple chamfer geometries Faster, as the part can be cut out of the board ready for use V Slower due to double handling V 
Processing time for challenging chamfer geometries  Rework may be necessary     No rework regarding angle, bridge dimension, fitting accuracy  
Cutting time Slower, because e.g. HY has 2 long cuts through the entire plate zeit lang Faster, e.g. HY: 1 long cut (pre-process), 1 short cut (chamfer length) zeit
Accuracy Lower, for multiple cuts   Higher, as inaccuracies are measured and corrected. E.g. no 90° cut from pre-process is included  
Narrow Radii Not possible   Small geometries are possible due to the better mobility of the robot, e.g.  countersinkings bohrsenkung
Material thickness Smaller material thicknesses are possible, as you always have to cut through the entire plate.  zeit lang Larger material thicknesses are possible, as only the effective component size has to be taken into account. dicke
Material consumption The material consumption is higher for bevel cuts through the entire plate.  dicke 2 Material consumption is lower because only the effective component size has to be taken into account.  dicke
Cutting range Due to the gantry design of the machine, large component sizes are possible.   Since the robot has a limited range, only cutting widths up to 3 m are possible.  
Chamfers on all sides of the component Not possible: at least one side of the component has to be connected to the plate during chamfering.   Possible: components with bevels on all sides can be chamfered  


Martin Erl,  founder and CEO of ERL Automation GmbH

Martin Erl, founder and CEO of GmbH


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