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BIBER oxyfuel and plasma process
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BIBER processes

The BIBER cutting robot can be equipped with oxyfuel and/or plasma tools.

Processes for weld seam preparation

For the weld seam preparation with the robot cutting system BIBER, the user can choose between oxyfuel and plasma processes. Also, both technologies can be combined on one system.

In the latter case, the torch that is not being used at the moment is securely fixed in the "parking position" on the robot arm. The tools can be exchanged as required in just a few steps.


  • Plasma chamfering up to 50 mm
  • Oxyfuel chamfering up to 200 mm
  • Combination of both technologies possible
  • Change plasma and oxyfuel cutting tools within a few minutes

Plasma cutting with the cutting robot BIBER

For plasma cutting with the BIBER system, different plasma power sources are available depending on customer requirements.

They are equipped with an automatic gas console that mixes the plasma gases optimally for each cutting task - an own database ensures the exact regulation of the required gases. This allows high cutting speeds and optimum results to be achieved - the maximum cutting length is 50 mm.

Kjellberg plasma cutting technology
  Power source
HiFocus 161i neo
Power source
HiFocus 280i neo
Power source
HiFocus 360i neo
Power source
HiFocus 440i neo
Cutting current at 100 % duty cycle
10 - 160 A 280 A 360 A 440 A
Marking current
5 - 25 A 5 - 50 A 5 - 50 A 5 - 50 A
Cutting range
0.5 - 50 mm 0.5 - 70 mm 0.5 - 80 mm Mild steel: 0.5 - 120 mm
Stainless steel: 1.0 - 120 mm
Piercing up to 30 mm up to 40 mm up to 50 mm up to 50 mm

Oxyfuel cutting with the cutting robot BIBER

BIBER Oxyfuel cutting

Oxyfuel flame cutting with the BIBER is possible up to a cutting length of 200 mm.

Again, an automatic gas console is used - so all three gases such as heating gas, heating oxygen and cutting oxygen are set and controlled via proportional valves monitored by pressure sensors.

The cutting torch with an automatic internal ignition is ignited immediately before the heating point and switched off after the cut, which saves time and gas.

Easy tool exchange

A very simply designed changing system allows the use of plasma technology as well as the use of an oxyfuel torch. Thanks to a special tool holder, the cutting tools for plasma and oxyfuel cutting can be exchanged within a few minutes. The torches can each be loosened and fastened quickly and easily thanks to a screw connection, and there are plug-in connections available for the cable and signal lines.

The torch calibration is carried out automatically via measured stop systems in the torch holder, so that the Tool Centre Point (TCP) is correct. Each torch holder incl. tool is measured absolutely by means of a laser tracker. This means that manufacturing tolerances can be excluded and the BIBER guarantees highly accurate chamfers, even after tool replacement.


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