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Camera system intelliplace
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Camera system intelliplace

With intelliplace, productivity is significantly increased. Not only does the system save time, it also minimizes sources of error during operation.

Camera system intelliplace: Maximum productivity for weld seam preparation

BIBER cutting systems can be equipped with the intelliplace camera system, which significantly increases productivity. In BIBER systems that are operated without intelliplace, the position of the components on the table has to be measured and entered manually and then the corresponding cutting programmes have to be selected and assigned manually. With intelliplace, the BIBER can take over these steps.

This function is offered in three variants - from the entry-level version Classic, through the advanced version Profi, to the fully automatic solution Premium. In all variants, a high-performance camera attached to the robot records the table occupancy. Thanks to the self-developed calibration software and the consideration of material thicknesses, intelliplace can correct image distortions and display the component position with an accuracy of +/- 2 mm.

5 reasons for intelliplace

  • Easier handling due to just any component positioning
  • Time saving due to elimination of manual measurements and data entry
  • Time saving due to automated programme search run
  • No confusion of similar / mirror-imaged components due to automatic programme assignment
  • Relief of the operating staff

Schematic procedure



Camera system attached to the cutting robot registers the table occupancy.



Image distortions in the original image (see above) are automatically corrected by the calibration software (see below).



The table occupancy is displayed on the control unit (see above) and then the programme assignment can be completed (see below).


intelliplace classic

In the version Classic, the operator only has to open the corresponding programmes manually, assign the components manually and press Start.

intelliplace profi

In the version Profi, on the other hand, the required component programmes are automatically assigned to the individual components after they have been selected manually.

intelliplace premium

In the version Premium, the operator only has to scan the components with a hand scanner before placing them on the robot (either data matrix code directly on the component or QR/barcode on accompanying documents). The component data, for example the item number, is transmitted to the robot. The corresponding component programmes are loaded fully automatically from the directory and automatically assigned to the components.

  intelliplace classic intelliplace profi intelliplace premium
Table occupancy is detected by camera
Distortion is accounted for / calculated by intelliplace software
Component coordinates are transmitted to BIBER software
Component program is opened manually from database
Component program is opened automatically from database*    
Component programme is positioned manually via screen display
Component programme is positioned automatically via screen display  
Camera image and programming interface are displayed in BIBER software for checking purposes
BIBER is started by the operator

*intelliplace hand scanner captures item number via codes directly from the component or accompanying documents

Ready for Industry 4.0


Import of 3D-step file


BIBER swoftware automatically generates cutting programme from 3D-step file


intelliplace automatically detects table occupancy, opens programmes and assigns them


BIBER.sim checks robot motion programme for feasibility


Automatic processing of the table occupancy by the BIBER cutting system

From the field


Cédric Barth, robot operator at Liebherr-France, about intelliplace premium

Users like the fact that ...

  • intelliplace saves about 1 hour per shift.
  • intelliplace can be retrofitted.
  • with intelliplace, the system operation is easier and more convenient.
  • you use with intelliplace the newest technology in the manufacture of your products.


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